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Poinsettia seeds for planting

Dec 7, 2023

No, Virginia, Poinsettias Won’t Kill You! Growing and Maintaining Poinsettias All Year

Have you ever received a poinsettia as a holiday gift? Like, from your boss, or maybe a friendly neighbor? Did you think, “Gee, thanks for the pretty plant that might KILL ME, MY PETS, AND MY FAMILY” before stashing it on the tallest surface of your home?
growing succulents from seed

Oct 7, 2022

Embrace The Succulents

You're probably expecting us to make a lame play on words here: "Succulents are perfect for the sucky gardener", or something like that. While succulents can take lots of abuse, we're not going to insult you, even if you can't even keep a garden gnome from going belly up..
Last Call: Time to Plant Some Fall Garden Crops

Sep 14, 2022

Last Call: Time to Plant Some Fall Garden Crops

Hoo boy. It's already that time of the year. School's started, the kayaks and pool noodles are put away, and ...
kitchen herbs on windowsill

Apr 9, 2020

Can Herbs Help You Lose Weight?

You know that there's no single, straight-up bottle of unicorn dust that's going to help you shake off that booty before your next class reunion or Tinder hookup. But based on current empirical research, each of these herbs has shown promise — if not proof — of helping the body shed excess weight.
flat lay of low GI foods for diabetes diet

Mar 26, 2020

Plants for the Diabetic's Garden

Not all fruits and vegetables are healthy for everyone. Some contain more carbohydrates and sugars than a person can metabolize. High blood sugar levels, such as those experienced by people with diabetes, lead to serious long-term conditions. Let's dig in.
herbs for heart health on cutting board

Mar 19, 2020

How Do Herbs and Medicinal Plants Lower Blood Pressure?

We know that regular exercise and diets low in saturated fats reduce arterial plaques and improve overall cardiovascular health. We're more likely to reach for low-fat dishes if they're elegantly seasoned and prepared. But can herbs and other plant-based foods directly prevent hypertension?
passionflower blossom

Mar 12, 2020

Passionate About A Good Night's Sleep? Passiflora Can Help!

If we were to ask you how you think passion flower "helps out" in the bedroom, your first guess doesn't count. Some species in the Passiflora genus offer a restful sleep every night. Stay awake long enough to learn about history, care, and the species most frequently used for medicinal purposes: Passiflora incarnata.
turmeric and ginger

Mar 5, 2020

Trending Medicinal Plants: Turmeric and Ginger

We love to cover all types of popular plant-based medicines on our popular gardening blog, even if they're not typically grown from seed. Dive into these oh-so-trendy plants and you'll come off as cleverly resourceful once you learn more about their role in herbal medicine. Plus, we share our favorite DIY recipes!
tulip garden by white picket fence

Feb 27, 2020

Growing Bulbs for a Well-Rounded Garden

We're seed retailers. So what's the deal with us writing an article on growing bulbs? Well, we've covered everything from lawn flamingos and bathtub Marys to attracting birds and bats, so why not? Every balanced garden includes plants grown from seeds, bulbs, cuttings, and saplings so we're not threatened by tulips and daffodils, folks. There's enough love to go around. 
squirrel on garden fence

Feb 20, 2020

Repelling (and Exorcising) Rabbits and Squirrels from Your Garden

Bunny rabbits and squirrels are adorable, up until the point when they bring Armageddon upon your garden. Here's what you can do to discourage squirrels, rabbits, and other fuzzy entities from your backyard. You don't even need to call a priest.
senior couple gardening

Feb 6, 2020

How to Make Gardening Easier on Your Back, Body, and Mind

The only reason you should feel uncomfortable after a day in the garden is if you didn't put on your eatin' pants while enjoying the benefits of delicious dinners cooked with home-grown herbs and vegetables. Follow these tips to make gardening more efficient and enjoyable...and easier on your back, body, and sanity.
scientists studying hybrid plants

Jan 30, 2020

Quick Facts about Hybrid, Heirloom, and GMO Plants

We encounter these questions from beginners and experienced gardeners alike, so we decided to tackle the topic here on our gardening blog. We'll start with this: The main differences between the three are the method by which they're "bred," and how their genes are carried through generations. Now, on to the specifics.