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Growing spearmint from seed in the garden

May 31, 2018

Got a Black Thumb? Spearmint's Cool With That!

When it comes time to pluck a few leaves after growing spearmint from seed, you'll not only have a sense of accomplishment but a fantastic excuse to go pour yourself a nice, tall glass of iced tea while you ponder all the possibilities: Spearmint has many uses in the garden, the kitchen, and the herbalist's cabinet.
Growing peppermint from seed in a garden

May 22, 2018

Growing Peppermint From Seed

From herbal remedies to pest control and unique recipes, growing peppermint from seed is a staple for many gardens. Read on for our guide to all things peppermint.
Le Petite Pennyroyal: Growing this Ornamental Herb from Seed

May 10, 2018

Le Petite Pennyroyal: Growing this Ornamental Herb from Seed

Are you looking for a sprawling ground cover that emits a delicious scent when it's crushed under your naked toes? How about a long-blooming, showy accent for your multi-species container garden? We'll show you how by growing pennyroyal from seed.
growing lemon mint in a garden

May 1, 2018

Growing Lemon Mint...And De-Mystifying its Many Names

Like its cousins, lemon mint is so easy to grow, even a gardener with a gangrenous black thumb could pull it off. We're here to show you how. Read on for insider tips, minty recipes, and everything you need to know about growing lemon mint from seed.