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Why is your first order with Seed Needs so important?

It all starts with heavy discounts! At Seed Needs, we believe in making the first impression a memorable one. To kick things off, we offer incredible savings for first time shoppers. This article will go over a few of the perks you will notice while browsing our website.

Let's Get Started With Rewards

The Seed Needs Reward Program is set up to reward customers for remaining loyal, and choosing us for all of their seed needs. It is a very simple program that offers you several ways to save on future orders.

  • SEED POINTS: Seed points are earned when you sign up for a user account with They can be collected, or earned by completing specific actions, ONLY after you are a Seed Needs member. These points can then be exchanged for coupon codes for $1 off, $5 off, $10 off and so on.
    1. Sign Up (200 Seed Points)
    2. Like Us On Facebook (25 Seed Points)
    3. Follow Us On Instagram (25 Seed Points)
    4. Share on Facebook (50 Seed Points)
    5. Share on Twitter (50 Seed Points)
    6. Celebrate Your Birthday (250 Seed Points)
    7. Place an Order (1 Seed Point for every $1 spent)

Click on "REWARDS" in the bottom right hand corner of your browser, and then click on "Learn More" and then "Earn More" to complete these actions once you have a Seed Needs account.

  • REFERRALS: Gain Seed Points by directing your friends and family to to make a purchase. Once they have created an order, after clicking your referral link, you both get rewarded.
    1. You Get 500 Seed Points! (Worth $5 off your next order)
    2. They Get 30% OFF their first order!


    1. First, make sure you are logged into your account.
    2. Click on "Rewards" in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    3. Simply scroll down to find your referral link.
    4. Copy and paste that link to your social media profiles, such as facebook, twitter, instagram, or even your very own private website or blog.

30% Off Your First Order

All new customers can receive a 30% discount, either with a referral link (as explained above) or by using the coupon code NEW30

Scratch offs

Every order placed with Seed Needs comes with a scratch off with any of the following random discounts.

10% OFF
15% OFF
20% OFF
25% OFF
30% OFF

$1 OFF
$2 OFF
$3 OFF
$5 OFF
$25 OFF

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