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Our Favorite Cut Flowers from A to Z

Cut flowers don't have to be a luxury, and you don't have to go into debt to decorate a special event. Growing blooms from scratch is a huge money-saver and it lets you enjoy your garden's bounty indoors. It's not easy to choose favorites, so we prioritized easy growing and off-the-beaten-path plants.

7 Easy Herbs for Beginners

Tender herbs are the gardener's gateway drug. They're easy to grow from seed, and they're attractive, fragrant, and versatile. Having fresh herbs on hand will inspire you to be more creative in the kitchen. These are the easiest, most newbie-friendly herbs for the windowsill, patio, and kitchen gardens.

How (and Why) to Attract Butterflies and Moths to Your Garden

Whether you associate them with pastel playrooms or cannibalistic serial killers, you've got to admit butterflies and moths are fascinating insects. Even to us gardeners, for whom they're a paradox: When we're not trying to chase them out of our garden, we're scrambling to draw them in.

Garden-Grown Snacks for Dogs and Cats

If you're like most home veggie gardeners, you started growing your own food to take control of what you eat. Do you have pets? Maybe your nutrition standards extend to your (oh no, we're going to say it) "fur kids," and you're wondering if your dogs and cats can benefit from fresh garden produce. Here's the scoop.

Our 10 Favorite Companion Plants for Spring Bulbs

Add some fast-growing annuals and early-waking perennials to your bulb beds to hide spent foliage, suppress weed growth, and balance texture and color in your garden. Here are some Seed Needs favorites you can start indoors from winter through early spring.

Frost-Proof Your Garden (and Cover Your Butt) This Spring and Fall

If you've been gardening for any amount of time, you've learned not to rely on local weather forecasts to tell you when to run out in your skivvies and protect your plants from a surprise frost. We have some simple solutions to Mother Nature's shoulder-season shenanigans.

Backyard Water Gardens: Get Your Feet Wet!

Everyone loves a water feature in the garden. Let's approach water garden design from the perspective of nature, taking into account the ecosystems surrounding and within bodies of water. Let's dive into backyard water gardens and how to grow them.

Planting Scrumptious Gardens for Backyard Birds

If you don't mind losing the occasional blueberry, and your idea of homemade wine is a store-bought bottle that requires an actual corkscrew, a few extra backyard birds might be welcome. Are you ready to add some feathered friends to your garden?

10 Ways to Grow a Lush Garden with Less Water

Human-caused pollution, farting cows, or just plain Mother Nature: At this point, the cause of climate change is moot, and we're all starting to get serious about how we can use less water. Here are ten tips for growing an abundant garden without swapping all your cosmos and eggplant for cacti and ice plant.

Essential Cover Crops for the Home Garden

Cover crops are fast-growing plants that suppress weeds, nourish the soil, and prevent erosion. You might associate them with large-acreage farms, but they're scalable to home gardens, too. Here's the dirt.

7 Botanic Gardens for (Almost) Any Growing Zone

We've picked the best botanical gardens for each USDA Hardiness Zone, and we promise there's enough for your non-gardening family members to do so they won't hate you!

11 Fall Projects for Successful Spring Gardening

We’re giddy for anything that makes spring gardening easier. Knock out these projects now, and you'll lighten the springtime workload and have a more vibrant, productive garden!
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