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How to Break Ground on a New Garden Plot

If you're eyeballing that overgrown patch in your backyard, wondering if this is the year you finally break ground on your own vegetable garden, the answer is yes. Here's how to do it!

Can These 12 Herbs Ease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression?

Herbal remedies, in conjunction with medical supervision, exercise, and a healthy diet, can smooth over life's rough patches and limit our reliance upon over-the-counter aids or destructive coping methods.

AirBnBee: Welcoming Orchard Mason Bees to Your Garden

Help out the locals by providing orchard mason bees with a healthy nesting environment in your home garden or orchard. In return, you'll have more productive fruit and nut trees, vegetables, and berries. Everyone wins!

Our Tips for Planting a Late-Season Veggie Garden

Late season vegetable planting is ideal for you whether life got in the way or you're just a slacker. Don't worry. Whatever your reason, you're not out of time to grow an impressive late-season veggie garden.

How to Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

There's nothing like using your bare hands to work compost into your garden's sun-warmed topsoil. That is until you unearth a cat turd or three...or dozens. So what's the scoop on preventing the poop? How do you keep cats out without subtracting any more of their nine lives than absolutely necessary? Here's our advice.

Do Organic Seeds Really Exist?

Our customers often ask us about "organic seeds," and the answer's tricky for any number of reasons. We'll tackle the issue point-by-point and explain how the term (and agricultural practice) applies to the seeds we sell, and how we feel about organic certifications.

How to Organize a Community Garden in 5 Steps

Not everyone has a yard large enough to grow veggies or award-winning flowers. Food deserts, where access to healthy, unprocessed foods is limited, are on the rise in inner cities and rural regions alike. So, how do you get a community garden started in your neighborhood? Here's everything you need to know.

A Summer Salute to Three Classic Garden Ornaments

Lawn and garden ornaments do more than add character to our landscaping. They say something to the world about us as individuals, and as part of our culture. In true Seed Needs fashion, we're going down the rabbit hole to learn more about the Triple Crown of classic garden ornaments.

Late Bloomers: Our Favorite Fall-Flowering Plants

Nobody wants their garden to burn out in the middle of summer. Long-blooming and fall-flowering plants help hide fading foliage, and subtly transition a garden from one color theme to another. It's all about the varieties you choose, and how you use them. Here are some of our favorites.

Drunken Slugs and Cozy Toads: Tips for Natural Garden Pest Control

Put down that chemical pesticide. You can create a non-toxic garden that supports its own defense system if you go all in and rely on biological warfare for natural garden pest control. Here's how to provide habitat and sustenance to beneficial critters, from single-celled fungi to furry flying mammals.

Mindful Mulching: Tips for Reducing Your Summer Garden Chores

What about all that in-between gardening time, when you're not picking flowers or getting all zen about pruning your roses? We're talking about weeding, watering, and pest control. Mulch reduces the amount of time you'll spend on summer garden chores. Here's how mulching helps us maintain our sanity.

Garden Soil Nutrients: Give Your Plants a Well-Balanced Diet

Just like people, plants need a variety of soil nutrients for healthy growth and disease resistance. You don't have to have a degree in earth sciences to learn what minerals and nutrients your soil needs. All you need is a decent soil testing kit, a nearby garden supplier, and some wine. Here’s the scoop.
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