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Cactus Dahlia Mixture
Cactus Dahlia Mixture
Cactus Dahlia Mixture
Cactus Dahlia Mixture
Cactus Dahlia Mixture
Cactus Dahlia Mixture (Dahlia variabilis)
Product image 1Cactus Dahlia Mixture
Product image 2Cactus Dahlia Mixture
Product image 3Cactus Dahlia Mixture
Product image 4Cactus Dahlia Mixture
Product image 5Cactus Dahlia Mixture
Product image 6Cactus Dahlia Mixture (Dahlia variabilis)

Cactus Dahlia Mixture (Dahlia variabilis)

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Dahlias truly are one of those flowers that stand apart from the rest. With a wide range of eye-pleasing colors, they are an excellent addition to any flower bed and make a stunning visual in fresh-cut floral designs.

The Cactus Dahlia is a beautiful variety of Dahlia that offers vibrant color and a unique look. Compared to the petals of other Dahlias, the Cactus Dahlia's petals are more pointy. Because the smaller petals around the center are shorter and closer together in contrast to the outer petals, they look like fireworks at the peak of explosion. The added bonus of these attractive blooms is that they'll be enjoyed all through the summer until the first frost. Pinching them back to remove the dead blooms will promote more buds and prevent it from getting too lanky.

In most areas, the Cactus Dahlia is an annual. In areas where the soil is too cold through the winter, the tubers will not survive. If winters are mild enough, a thick layer of mulch used to cover the soil may work. Otherwise, digging up the tubers and storing them until the following spring is an option. It is more common, however, to plant new ones each year.

The Cactus Dahlia is easy to grow in the right conditions.  They thrive in full sun and heat. They prefer a rich, well-drained soil. Adequate watering's required but it's important not to over water as that can cause the tubers to rot.

Growing to heights of approximately 36" - 52", the Cactus Dahlia works well in the border of a flower garden or in a container garden. Depending on how tall they get, they can always be staked up for support. Their height is also an added asset for being used in floral designs. They have a vase life of up to two weeks with proper care and in the right environment, they are a seasonal delight to florists. They are also a gorgeous choice for bridal bouquets. If you like dried floral designs, Dahlias will work for this as well.

An added incentive to growing Cactus Dahlias are their appeal to hummingbirds and butterflies. Their vibrant colors attract the likes of these beautiful creatures, providing them the food they need to sustain their energy. For those looking for ways to help the Monarch population flourish, adding Cactus Dahlias to the mix is an excellent choice.

Overall, the Cactus Dahlia is an obvious choice in any flower garden. Easy to grow, beautiful, and versatile, it's a sure-fire favorite.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Dahlia Flower
  • Season: Annual / Tender Perennial
  • Color: Mixture
  • Height: 36" - 52" Tall
  • Width: 12" - 18" spread
  • Environment: Full Sun
  • Zone: 3 - 10
  • Notes: Excellent for use in flower beds. Especially gorgeous if sown by the masses. Dahlia's will attract all sorts of beneficial insects to the garden.

Sowing The Seed

Dahlias are not particularly fond of being transplanted. However, if you are looking to start them indoors, it is recommended to sow them in peat pots, so that the entire pot can be transplanted later on to prevent root shock. If started outdoors, be sure to turn the soil, or throw down new soil in it's place. Sow the seeds when the weather is warm and all danger of frost has passed, at a shallow depth of 1/4" under topsoil.

Growing Conditions

Dahlias will prefer an area of full sunlight with temperatures that exceed 60F. Although they are adaptable, it is best to use a soil that is humus rich, and fertile. Drainage is crucial, so replacing any hard, compact soil with a fresh mixture of compost is recommended. Water daily so that the soil remains moist until germination occurs.

Germination & Growth

Your Dahlias will begin to emerge in roughly 7 to 10 days after sowing. The plants will reach a mature height of about 36 to 52 inches tall and can be spaced roughly 12 inches apart from one another. Cactus Dahlia will produce stunning blooms in an array of colors such as, white, pink, red, yellow & orange. This variety makes an excellent cut flower and is often seen in bouquets and floral arrangements.

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