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Bishop's Flower Seeds
Bishops Flower
Bishops Flower
Bishop's Flower Seeds
Product image 1Bishop's Flower Seeds
Product image 2Bishops Flower
Product image 3Bishops Flower
Product image 4Bishop's Flower Seeds

Bishop's Flower Seeds (Ammi majus)

Packet of 800 Seeds

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Single Packet of 800 Seeds

Grow Bishop's Flower from fresh Ammi majus flower seeds. Bishop's Flower, also known as "Queen Anne's Lace" will produce flat heads of small white flowers. They are displayed in neatly formed clusters, atop long stems branching out from the base of the plant. Once established they will grow to a mature height of roughly 18 to 30 inches tall and around 18 to 30 inches wide.

Bishop's Flower is popularly grown as an annual flowering plant. They will grow quickly from flower seeds, bloom profusely through the Summer months and later die with the first killing frost. Ammi majus is primarily grown for use in floral arrangements and bouquets, as it makes an excellent cut flower. Establish this beauty in flower beds, along walkways, borders or driveways.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Flower
  • Color: White
  • Height: 18" - 30" Tall
  • Width: 18" - 30" Spread
  • Season: Annual
  • Zones: 3 to 9
  • Environment: Full sun / partial shade
  • Uses: Flower beds, along walkways, borders or driveways. Great as a cut flower.

    Sowing The Seed

    The Bishop's Flower is best established directly outdoors when all danger of frost has passed. Prepare the sowing area by turning the dirt or replacing it with fresh soil. Scatter the small seeds to the surface of the soil, pressing them in about 1/8" under topsoil. Remember this variety requires light to properly germinate, so don't bury them too far under.

    Growing Conditions

    Bishop's Flower will enjoy an area of full sunlight to partial shade. Temperatures should be at least 60F to 70F for optimal growth. This plant isn't too picky, but it will require a soil that is well drained. Adding a light compost to hard, compact soil will improve your drainage. Water daily until germination has occurred.

    Germination & Growth

    Seeds will begin to germinate within 10 to 20 days after sowing. The plants will reach a mature height of around 18 to 30 inches tall and a width of 18 to 30 inches wide. They can be spaced about 18 to 24 inches apart from one another. Bishop's Flower is popularly grown for it's flowers and long, thin stems, which are mainly used in floral arrangements and in bouquets.

    Please take note that this variety of flower can be toxic to animals if consumed.

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