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Decorating With Pumpkins

Decorating With Pumpkins: A Few Neat Ideas!

Decorating With Pumpkins

Pumpkins, Squash and Gourds Offer Great Decorative Qualities

If you are anything like us here at Seed Needs, then you too enjoy the cool season of Fall, the colors it brings and the slow transition of the seasons change. If you have grown your own fruits for harvest, then you will thoroughly enjoy the season even more!

Not only are Pumpkins, Squash and Gourds a staple of the Autumn season, they are extremely colorful as well. They can be used to decorate many areas of your home, and go great indoors and outdoors. This article will provide you with a few neat ideas to spruce up the outside of your home this Autumn season!

Think Beyond Just Carving Those Cute Pumpkins!

Sure, Pumpkins are most definitely popular as a carved, decorative item during Halloween, but what else can be done with them? For years people have been drawing on the exterior skin of Pumpkins, displaying cute little faces, as well as webs, spiders, ghosts and skeletons. Try creating your very own spider web pumpkin this year with the supplies below.

What you will need...

  1. One small, medium, or even a large sized Pumpkin.
  2. fine point sharpie for smaller fruits, and a regular sharpie for larger fruits.
  3. Cute or creepy spiders.
  4. One hot glue gun.
  5. An imagination!

      You Can Never Have Too Much Hay!

      Stacking Pumpkins on bales of hay or straw is a simplistic way to decorate larger areas that are otherwise bland and boring. Many garden centers and greenhouses will sell bales of hay at a great price during the early months of the Autumn season. Be warned however, bales of hay and straw can be pretty messy to transport in an SUV or small car. It is recommended that you bag the hay bale with a large, thick yard bag, prior to placing it in your vehicle.

       Stacking bales of hay is a great way to take up vertical space. It allows you to place larger sized pumpkins, gourds and squash at the top, left and right of the pyramid. To accent the larger fruits, simply place an assortment of smaller and medium sized fruits around them. Place various additional fruits at the base of the bales. Use straw to protect the base of the pumpkins from moisture if the area gets very wet. To finish it all off, add a few bundles of ornamental corn stalks in the back, or to the right and left of your pyramid. 

      Don't Put Those Pots Away Just Yet...

      Another great idea is to use your pots as a pedestal to display your gourds, pumpkins and squash. Just remove the potted flowers that will soon wither. Leave the soil in it's place and take some straw and lay it down inside of the pots to cover up the remaining dirt.

      Take a few stalks of corn and stick them into the softened potted soil to secure them in place. Tie burlap string around the stalks to keep them from falling over. You can also take a few pieces of ornamental corn and place them onto the pedestal. 

      Just remember, you can never mess up with stuff like this, since these plants are already dead and the fruits are already harvested! You don't need a green thumb to decorate in the Autumn season!

      Cleanup Is Easy and It's Delicious For Deer!

      An added bonus to decorating with ornamental plants such as those above is that animals such as deer will enjoy the hay, corn, pumpkins and squash long after Halloween has passed. Throw them out back if you are surrounded by a wooded area, or simply toss them on the curbside as yard waste.

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