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All seeds are guaranteed to be fresh and for the current and the following growing seasons. If the seeds fail to grow simply contact us for a refund.

basil herb seeds for planting

Basil Herbs Are An All Time Favorite!

Fragrant basil is one of the easiest herbs to grow, but it can really thrive when you know how to plant it and what to expect. Whether you plan to liven up your spaghetti sauce, add some zing to a salad or sprinkle over garden-fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, cultivating basil can be a delicious endeavor.

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lettuce seeds for planting


All Lettuce seed packets are now only $2.65! 

Lettuce is a versatile crop that lends itself to a large variety of dishes, and as we all know, garden grown food has a superior taste to that of the grocery store variety. This guide will show you the in's and out's of growing lettuce from a seed to a healthy ingredient for your family's next meal.

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Growing Victory Gardens: The History and Future of Food Security

We've always taken a lighthearted tone on our gardening blog, and we've even poked fun at growing vegetable, herb, and fruit plants for the Zombie Apocalypse. But as the world battles COVID-19 and prepares for the inevitable economic after-effects, we're not messing around. 

Can Herbs Help You Lose Weight?

You know that there's no single, straight-up bottle of unicorn dust that's going to help you shake off that booty before your next class reunion or Tinder hookup. But based on current empirical research, each of these herbs has shown promise — if not proof — of helping the body shed excess weight.

Friend or Foetida? The Great Earthworm Controversy

Most of us grew up with the belief that earthworms are the superheroes of soil health. We're going to dig beneath the surface to unearth the pros and cons of earthworms in North American gardens so you can make your own informed decisions.

Plants for the Diabetic's Garden

Not all fruits and vegetables are healthy for everyone. Some contain more carbohydrates and sugars than a person can metabolize. High blood sugar levels, such as those experienced by people with diabetes, lead to serious long-term conditions. Let's dig in.
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