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If for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied with your order, or with the products that you have received, shoot us a message below or text us and we will be sure to make it right. We take great pride in all of the products that we offer and we are not happy unless you are happy!

My seeds didn't grow, what do I do?

If for whatever reason your seeds did not grow or you had less than satisfactory results, please contact us by using the form below. Please provide your name, email, an order ID and a brief description of the issue.

We will be glad to assist you in any way that we can and you may qualify for a refund under our 180 day grower guarantee.

My order never arrived, what do I do?

Amazon Orders: If you ordered via, please contact them directly as they fulfill all of the orders placed there. If you contact us directly, we can only assist with a refund for you to reorder the product again since they do not allow us to replace lost shipments.

Website Orders: If you have ordered from us here at our website, please contact us using the form below. Include your name, email, order ID and a brief description. We will contact you back as soon as we are able to. If you choose to text us, you can provide a screenshot of the order and we can assist via text as well.

NOTE: We now utilize Amazon fulfillment for all products. If you have received an incomplete order, you will likely receive the rest of the order in a day or two depending on where the item(s) are warehoused. Our system doesn't allow us to provide multiple tracking details for each shipment unfortunately. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you offer a paper catalog?

No, at this time we are strictly online. This allows us to streamline the order process and takes far less time to fulfill orders.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Unfortunately we do not ship outside of the United States. We do not offer any export documents and do not assist with any export processes. 

What is your contact number?

We do not have a phone number for phone calls, but you can text us at any time for quick and easy responses. That number is below.

(586) 318-1468 ... This is a text only line, no phone calls will be answered.

Are your seeds heirloom?

 Yes, more than 95% of our seed products are heirloom. They will produce seeds that are true to the parent. You can collect the seeds from each variety that you purchase and regrow them if needed.

Only a small handful of our seeds are hybrids, and this includes mostly Sunflowers.

Are your seeds Non-GMO?

Yes, our seeds are Non-GMO and we are in no way affiliated with companies such as Monsanto. We promise to never knowingly carry or offer any GMO based seed products and always source from reputable growers and suppliers.

Are your seeds neonicotinoid free?

Yes, our seeds are NOT treated with neonicotinoid or Thyram.

Do you offer organic seeds?

No. Organic seeds are not something that truly exist. FDA regulates organic growers to utilize X number of pesticides and insecticides versus the normal grower. In the bolting stage for plants, the plants rid themselves of almost all chemicals, and by the time you grow from that seed you have virtually the same produce. 

Organic is much better defined in the way that YOU grow things. 

For more information check out our article below.


Seed Needs LLC
PO Box 480458

New Baltimore MI 48048
United States



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Seed Needs LLC
PO Box 480458

New Baltimore MI 48048
United States



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