Apologies to all Seed Needs shoppers. At this time we just aren't able to operate sufficiently. We have no choice but to close our online shop until we have successfully relocated

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Q: Do you offer a catalog?

A: No, at this time we are strictly online. This allows us to streamline the order process. We do accept money orders and checks through checkout however.

Q: What is your contact number?

A: We do not have a phone number in order to boost productivity. We usually respond within 24 hours after an email is sent however.

Q: Are your seeds Heirloom?

A: Yes, more than 95% of our seed products are heirloom. They will produce seeds that are true to the parent. You can collect the seeds from each variety that you purchase and regrow them if needed.

Q: Are your seeds Non-GMO?

A: Yes, our seeds are Non-GMO and we are in no way affiliated with companies such as Monsanto.

Q: Are your seeds neonicotinoid free?

A: Yes, our seeds are NOT treated with neonicotinoid or Thyram.

Q: Do you offer Organic seeds?

A: No, we do not offer organic seeds.

Seed Needs LLC

PO Box 40

New Baltimore MI 48047


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