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Don't Forget These!


***ATTENTION*** We are no longer accepting new orders as of June 23, 2020. We are getting closer to reopening after we build our 7,000 square foot warehouse. Thank you for your continued patience with us!

Foxglove Seeds

Foxglove is an old time favorite for many cottage gardeners. Their tubular, bell shaped flowers will bloom in late Spring to early Summer. Foxglove plants are categorized as a biennial flowering plant, which means that they will flower and seed in the second year of growth. The plants readily self seed, allowing for new plants to be established in the following growing season.
Foxglove comes in a mixture of colors, which include pink, white, purple and rose. The plants typically grow between 3 and 5 feet tall and are often used as a backdrop plant. If you want blooms every year, we recommend sowing new seeds while the old plants are in bloom.
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