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Ornamental Corn Seeds, Carousel Mixture (Zea mays)
carousel corn
Product image 1Ornamental Corn Seeds, Carousel Mixture (Zea mays)
Product image 2carousel corn

Ornamental Corn Seeds, Carousel Mixture (Zea mays)

Packet of 500 Seeds

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Single Packet of 500 Seeds

Grow “Carousel Mixed” Ornamental Corn from fresh vegetable seeds. Ornamental corn is a showy corn in many various colors. Carousel Mixture produces 3 to 4 inch cobs. Greatly appreciated in Fall and winter seasons for it’s color combinations. Mixes well with ornamental gourds and pumpkins. Harvest in roughly 110 days.

Corn can be sown in peat pots to get an early start on the growing season, but are best started directly outdoors when the weather is warm. Sow at a depth of 1/2” under topsoil. Water daily and provide an area of full sunlight. 

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