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King Henry Viola Seeds (Viola cornuta)

600 Seeds

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600 Seeds

King Henry Viola is aptly named for it's lush violet coloring, which is reminiscent to royalty. These beautiful flowering plants will produce yellow eyes, which are surrounded by a lighter shade of lavender-purple, and accented with dark violet veins. King Henry is very popular in pots and containers, and is undoubtedly best used in window boxes as well. Their low profile growth habits make these plants a great selection for flower beds and raised beds too.

Growing to a mature height of only 6 to 8 inches tall, King Henry will need little to no maintenance, and not only displays colorful flowers, but attractive blue-green foliage also. The plants are known to attract all sorts of beneficial insects to the garden, and will definitely lure in the butterflies and bumblebees. They can be used in insectaries and butterfly gardens to add depth that other flowers simply cannot.

Grown as an annual flowering plant in cooler climates, and a tender perennial in warmer climates, the blooms will often times wilt with the Summer heat. If temperatures are too hot, choose an area of partial shade to prolong their life. King Henry is easily a favorite in the gardening community, and will go great with additional selections of Pansies and Violas. Pair them with the Johnny Jump Up, Clear Black Crystals Pansy, or the Rococo Violas.

Quick Facts

  • Type: Flower
  • Color: Violet
  • Height: 6" to 8" Tall
  • Width: 6" to 8" Spread
  • Season: Annual
  • Zones: 5 to 9
  • Environment: Full Sun

Sowing The Seed

King Henry Viola flower seeds can be started indoors, or directly outdoors. If started indoors, sow seeds in peat pots, 1/16” under topsoil, 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last frost. Transplant when the weather becomes warm. Direct sow outdoors by clearing the sowing area of all unwanted plant life. Turn the soil or lay down new soil in it’s place. Scatter seeds to the ground.

Growing Conditions

King Henry Viola seeds & plants prefer an area of full sunlight in cooler regions or partial shade in warmer regions. They will tolerate a variety of soils but prefer the soil to be well drained. Water daily with a spray bottle or mist setting so that the soil is kept moist until germination has occurred. Avoid overwatering, or soaking the seeds as this can cause them to die.

Germination & Growth

Your seeds will begin to show signs of life within 7 to 14 days after sowing. The plants will grow to a mature height of about 6 to 8 inches tall and don’t mind being a little crowded. The plants can be spaced anywhere from 4 to 8 inches apart from one another. After they are fully established, you can begin to enjoy the colorful blooms, and the beautiful butterflies that they bring in.

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